Travel Together | Create Movies Together

Start Creating Together.

All Your Amazing Photos

Select your best trip photos to create a movie that captures every moment.

Don't just settle for just your own camera roll, use FB & IG photos and ask your friends to add their own photos as well.

Everyone's Photos by Locations

The IMAGIUM app will organize all your photos by locations you visited and by dates.

So your friends watching the movie understand your actual route and timeline.

Awesome Movie Styles

Every trip has its own look and feel, the IMAGIUM app lets you design the movie you are making

Select the template that best fits what you experienced, so your friends and family can have the same feeling.

Great Music Archive

No movie is complete without the right tempo

Choose the music of your taste that will enhance how awesome your photos are

Share with Family & Friends

With IMAGIUM you can share your movie with friends, family & groups you create

Your friends can watch your movie, but you can also let them add more photos & take part in the movie creation

Collaborative Movie

Now everyone traveling together can create a joint movie.

So don't settle for just your own photos, invite your friends to co-edit with you and create an amazing movie together